SC – Sulfur Dioxide Tank Car/Truck Gasket Set

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Weight: 6 lbs
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The Sulfur Dioxide Gasket Kits are designed to compliment existing Chlorine Institute Emergency Kits for use on sulfur dioxide containers.  Simply substitute the sulfur dioxide gaskets for the chlorine gaskets to contain leaks. EPDM acceptable for use with ammonia as well. Shelf-Life: 5 years, manufacturer’s recommendation. Gasket material should preferably be covered so that light, radiation and humidity or vapors cannot get to the material.  Ideal storage temperature should be at 70° F.   EPDM:  ETHYLENE PROPYLENE DIENE MONOMER . MATERIAL HAS THE HIGHEST RATING OF ANY GASKET MATERIAL FOR USE WITH SULFUR DIOXIDE. EPDM HOWEVER IS NOT RECOMMENDED FOR USE WITH CHLORINE AND VITON IS SIMILARLY AVOIDED FOR USE WITH SULFUR DIOXIDE and AMMONIA. 5 YEAR RECOMMENDED SHELF-LIFE Contains: 2 pcs.  6BEP 2 pcs.  24BEP, 1 pc.  Box SC-B