CC96 – Kit “C” Conversion Package

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Weight: 43 lbs
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Conversion Package Includes: (1) Yoke Assembly 11A* (1) Handwheel Spanner Device #216 (2) Kit "C" Instruction Booklets (1) Kit "C" Contents List

The Chlorine Institute Emergency Kit "C" has been redesigned for easier handling and application of the kit devices. The new 11A Yoke design consolidates several individual parts into one lightweight and easy to use emergency kit component. The traditional Kit "C" yoke (10A), block (10B) and adapter plate (10D) have now been integrated into one complete assembly (11A) that is stored in the kit box in ready to use condition.
YOKE ASSEMBLY 11A FEATURES: - Hex-head handle for use with kit wrenches - Quick spin-down handle - Lightweight aluminum sliding block assembly - Lightweight aluminum yoke channels - Components are pre-assembled for immediate use - Entire unit weighs 20+ lbs. less than the previous C-kit design - Designed to work with existing C-kit equipment - A single wrench works for all bolts and for the hood outlet valve