Indian Springs provides the best in safety equipment and engineering. With over fifty years of in-house manufacturing experience, we can guarantee a product that will help you get the job done right. All chlorine emergency kit items are manufactured and assembled in our Baldwinsville, NY facility, and our decades of experience ensure that your next project will go smoothly, thanks to our high-quality work. Whether it’s a chlorine test kit or hazmat suit, Indian Springs will help you get the job done safely and up to standard.


We’ve been developing chlorine emergency equipment for decades, so our work stands out. We provide in-house prototyping and product testing that allows you to reduce time and costs, and our custom containment solutions are capable of tackling any variety of container and hazard challenges. Our engineers have the experience and the commitment to provide you with the best products, prototypes, and solutions to your problems.

Customer Service

The team at Indian Springs offers our customers and clients a comprehensive array of services. Emergency gasket stocking, digital training, a support materials library, and handling product offerings are only the beginning of what we offer to our clients at Indian Springs. We are committed to going above and beyond in every area of your project—whether it’s special training or custom engineering—and for over fifty years, we’ve been making the world a cleaner and safer place. We ship domestically and internationally, ensuring you’ll get whatever you need rapidly, without delay. All your chlorine needs—from valves and gaskets to hazmat suits and boots— are available at Indian Springs, and we want to work with you.

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