BC14A – KIT-B, Device 14 Conversion Package

Price: $1305.00
Weight: 30 lbs
Availability: This item usually arrives in 3-4 weeks

Product Details

BC14A DEVICE 12 Conversion Package Includes: (1) Yoke Assembly 28C (1) Hood 14A (2) Instruction Booklets Delivery: 2-3 wks. NOTE:  BC14A will not fit inside the pre-1993, steel, Kit box. Box 151-B is available separately. FEATURES BAR ASSEMBLY
  • 28C Bar assembly spring loaded for easy installation
  • Operated with only 2 bolts and no tools required
  • Adjustable to reach either valve and fuse plug as well
  • Made of aluminum, 8 lbs. lighter than previous version HOOD 14A
  • Designed to fit over the fuse plug and held in place with Bar Assembly 28C.
Hood does not attach and pull onto the fusible plug, unlike previous version. NOTE: Hood 12A and Gasket 4-12BMV not included.  Unit works with existing KIT-B, Hood 12A and Gasket 4-12BMV.