AC13B – KIT-A, Device 8 Conversion Package

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Weight: 8 lbs
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Conversion Package Includes: (1) Yoke 8B (1) Cap Screw 8C1 (1) Patch 8D1 (1) Strap 8S (2) Gaskets 8GV (2) Instruction Booklets

FEATURES CAP SCREW 8C1: - Designed to be “hand tightened” but accessible with the standard valve wrench as well. PATCH 8D1: - Needs one-third the torque of former patch design. - Includes two adjusting screws for applying additional targeted pressure. STRAP 8S: - Designed to spread the force along a wider area. GASKET 8GV: - Molded to fit into Patch 8D1. - Designed to seal small sidewall leaks with less pressure on cylinder wall.