Kit-SA – Sulfur Dioxide Cylinder Emergency Kit

Price: $2750
Weight: 92 lbs
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Product Details

Kit "SA" Sulfur Dioxide Emergency Kit for SO2 Cylinders Sulfur Dioxide Emergency Kits are standard Chlorine Institute Emergency Kits with sulfur dioxide compatible gaskets in place of the standard chlorine compatible gaskets in a sulfur dioxide labeled polyethylene kit box. Kit "SA" Design Features Device #1: Designed to contain leaks in and around the cylinder valve. NEW! Hood and yoke integrated into one piece allowing for adjusting cap screws independently regardless which chain link is attached. NEW! Flat base design allows for more stable adjustable platform for cylinders to 15" in dia.  Lighter but stronger chain dramatically lessens weight of entire unit. NEW! Gasket is enhanced with new design to fit better and decrease chances of roll-out. NEW! Device #2 Fuse Plug Clamp re-designed to fit over standard and "enhanced" chlorine valve styles - Fits cylinders with oversized neck rings and cylinders with the valve protective housing attached - Accommodates cylinders up to 15" in diameter with bumped or foot-ring cylinder bottoms. Device #2: A clamping device to seal leaks at the fusible plug (screwed-in & poured type plugs.) on standard and new "Enhanced" style valves. Device #8: Patching device to seal leaks in cylinder side wall. NEW design: smaller button gasket increase sealing capability while applying less pressure.  Nylon strap replaces chain to decrease weight and potential pinch points. Tools: Kit "SA" also includes a variety of hand tools, inspection seals and additional sealing devices. All items are labeled with a part number, color coded red and stored inside a durable sulfur dioxide labeled polyethylene kit box.