BCLAMP – Chlorine One Ton Container Chime Clamp

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Weight: 15 lbs
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Product Details

Chlorine One Ton Container Chime Clamp The chime clamp concept has been developed over the years by the Chlorine Institute and chlorine emergency response personnel. The clamp is designed to address leaking fuse plugs without having to use the plugs themselves as anchors for an emergency capping device. The BCLAMP is an additional tool for responders to contain potential ton container fuse plug leaks. Function: The Chime Clamp attaches to the chime of the ton container and extends inward over the fuse plug to exert force on a hood and gasket to contain a leaking fuse plug. This design eliminates any clamping onto the plug itself, and thus the potential for further damaging or even pulling the plug out of the container.
Advantages: - Does not touch the leaking/damaged fusible plug - Clamps onto the chime of the ton container - All bolts fit kit wrench 200 (standard chlorine valve  wrench) - Works with standard Kit-B gasket 4-12BMV Gasket (part# 4-12BMV) is available separately.

Note: Device requires a gasket.