ENDW – Chlorine One Ton Training End with Wheels

Price: $3250.00
Weight: 235 lbs
Availability: Due to weight restrictions this item cannot be ordered online. Please call 315-635-6101 to place an order.

Product Details

NEW - LIGHTWEIGHT, ROTATING, ALUMINUM TRAINING END - 195 lbs The training end is a full size, facsimile, end of the standard DOT 106A500X chlorine container made of aluminum and mounted on a support base. The training end is designed to simulate chlorine emergencies and allow "hands on" practice applying the chlorine emergency Kit "B". Chlorine leaks can be simulated, using a standard garden OR air hose, in the valve and in one of the fusible plugs while allowing 180° rotation. The training end includes wheels and weighs only 195 lbs. Color: Orange Shipping Dim: 44" x 44" x 40" pallet, 235 lbs (Must ship via LTL)