DOME – Chlorine Rail Car/Tank Truck Training Dome

Price: $3850
Weight: 400 lbs
Availability: Due to weight restrictions this item cannot be ordered online. Please call 315-635-6101 to place an order.

Product Details

DOME The training dome is designed to simulate chlorine leaks in a rail car dome when applying the Chlorine Emergency Kit "C". The valve manifold allows the instructor to simulate a chlorine leak, with water or compressed air, in the pressure relief device and two of the angle valves. Note: the training dome comes standard with 4 pcs. 1" outlet, A-713 Angle Valve Body FACSIMILES. Alternative Valve configurations must be quoted separately.


  • Angle Valve Leaks (gas or liquid)
  • Pressure Relief Device Leaks
  • Opening and Closing of Angle Valves (Mid. A-713 style)
  • Removal and Replacement of Outlet Plug
  • Tightening Valve Anchor and Manway Cover Bolts
The training dome includes four cast chlorine angle valve (Mid. A-713 style 3 pcs and 1 pc. ACF for comparison) facsimiles with two plumbed to leak, one pressure relief device, valve manifold, heavy duty casters, and fork lift handles. Delivery: 4-6 wks.