4111/05 – SCBA Deluxe Bracket

Price: N/A
Weight: 4.5 lbs

Product Details

For 30 min. cylinders, 5-1/4" Dia. cylinder bracket Deluxe SCBA Brackets are composed of a backplate, two springs clips, a holding strap, and a footplate. All bracket components are made from durable steel that has been coated by a thermoplastic material that helps prevent rusting and damage to SCBA cylinders. Features and Benefits Include:
  • Special coating provides a slippery finish which allows for easier removal of cylinder, less tendency to crack or peel off, more suitable for use with composite
  • Kevlar, or carbon cylinders
  • Hardened high cycle spring steel clips are multi-layer coated resulting in them being non-abrasive to the coating or air cylinder
  • Clips are engineered with unique rounded ends providing a smooth bearing surface to prevent gouging or marring of cylinders
  • Holding strap is a 1" wide black nylon webbing fabric with buckle and retainer clip to help secure SCBA cylinders