DOME-SO2 Sulfur Dioxide Rail Car/Tank Truck Training Device

Price: $4865
Weight: 400 lbs
Availability: Due to weight restrictions this item cannot be ordered online. Please call 315-635-6101 to place an order.

Product Details

DOME The training dome is designed to simulate chlorine leaks in a rail car dome when applying the Indian Springs ERK or modified Kit-C. The valve manifold allows the instructor to simulate a leak, with water or compressed air, in the pressure relief device and two of the angle valves. Note: the training dome comes standard with 4 pcs. 2" outlet product valves. Alternative Valve configurations must be quoted separately.


  • Angle Valve Leaks (gas or liquid)
  • Pressure Relief Device Leaks
  • Opening and Closing of Angle Valves 2"
  • Removal and Replacement of Outlet Plug
  • Tightening Valve Anchor and Manway Cover Bolts
The training dome includes four 2" product valves  with two plumbed to leak, one pressure relief device, valve manifold, heavy duty casters, and fork lift handles. Delivery: 4-6 wks.