CG400, Tank Car Pressure Gauge Assembly

Price: $1487.00
Weight: 14 lbs

Product Details

Chlorine Tank Car 1” Angle Valve Pressure Gauge Device with Hastalloy C Diaghragm filled with Halocarbon Monitor tank car pressure with the KIT-C tank car pressure gage. Includes:
  • - Large 0-400 psig pressure gauge designed specifically for chlorine use on tank car 1” angle valves.
  • - Steel, chlorine service, 1/2" ball valves (2 pcs.) and a 1” x 12” stabber pipe.
  • - Teflon tape included
Attaches to the tank car angle valve outlet and extends out beyond the tank car housing. The gauge dial is a large 5” dial for easy reading, especially from within PPE. NOTE: NOT REGISTERED AS A PRESSURE DEVICE IN ANY PARTICULAR JURISDICTION.  PLEASE CHECK WITH LOCAL/REGIONAL/NATIONAL REGULATIONS IF APPLICABLE PRIOR TO PURCHASE.