MEBA10 – MSA TransAire 10 Min. Escape Breathing Apparatus

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Weight: 15 lbs
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Product Details

MEBA10 These self-contained devices help personnel escape dangerous and deadly atmospheres, including those with high concentrations of toxic gases or vapors or oxygen deficiency. Low profile, lightweight, and easy to carry, these escape respirators feature one-control operation for a swift exit. Features:
  • Provides emergency air in toxic or oxygen-deficient conditions 5- and 10-minute standard-flow air supply
  • Compact and lightweight for easy egress from tight spaces
  • Fog-reducing hoods in urethane easily fit over eyeglasses and facial hair
  • Rugged, high-density polyethylene carrying case available
  • Washable nylon cloth carrier can be worn on the waist, neck or shoulder
  • Additional options and models available
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