CRVW – Chlorine Institute Recovery Vessel with Wheels

Price: $7995.00
Weight: 400 lbs

Product Details

CURRENTLY  IN STOCK!!!     FOR: US DOT 3A480 & 3AA480 100/150 lb. Chlorine Cylinders The Chlorine Institute Recovery Vessel was developed by the Chlorine Institute to contain leaks that may occur in 100 & 150 lb. chlorine cylinders. The Recovery Vessel is designed to totally encapsulate a leaking chlorine cylinder by inserting and securing the entire cylinder within the Recovery Vessel itself. This design allows the vessel to handle most leaks that may occur including leaks in the cylinder neck and footring areas that the Kit "A" is not designed to contain. Literature: Design Features: - Pressure, Working: 250 PSIG, Test: 375 PSIG - Temperature: 300F--20F - Weight: 325 lbs. (empty), 575 lbs.( with 150 lbs. cylinder, approx.) - Gasket: made of Viton* (chlorine) part# ORV or (EPDM for Sulfur Dioxide) part# ORE Delivery: In Stock *Viton is a registered trademark of Dupont Dow Elastomers