CAK15 – Kit-C Accessory Tool Kit

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Product Details

Chlorine Institute Emergency Kit-C Accessory Tool Kit: CAK15 Kit includes:
  • 1pc.  Steel Wire Brush - Clean gasket sealing surface
  • 1pc.  Cable Cutter - Cut outlet plug wire
  • 1pc.  Pipe Plug 1" - Use in place of outlet plug
  • 1pc.  Allen Wrench - Insert Pipe Plug
  • 1pc.  Pipe Wrench 12" - Remove outlet plug, assemble piping
  • 1pc.  Teflon Seal Tape 1/2" - Seal pipe joints
  • 1pc.  Roll Duct Tape - Tape port covers open, general use
  • 1pk.  Shop Towels - Clean manway, plug holes
  • 1pc.  Wire Brush - Clean manway
  • 1pk.  Cotton Swabs - Detect chlorine leak
  • 1pc.  250ml Squeeze Bottle - Hold ammonia for detecting chlorine leak Items chosen to supplement existing tools in Kit-C for tank car response.