BVGS – Chlorine Institute Emergency Kit-B Replacement Gasket Set

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Weight: 5 lbs
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Chlorine Institute Emergency Kit B Gasket Set Includes: (2) 4-12BMV gaskets, (1) 12BBV gaskets, (1) 12MV gaskets, (2) 9GV gaskets (for kits manufactured after 5/1/14). NOTE: All Gaskets made of Viton have a 4 year recommended shelf-life from the Chlorine Institute.  Gaskets are stamped with the Date of Manufacture.   There is no expiration date for the gaskets.  Gaskets that are unused, have been stored at room temperature and are routinely inspected and found fully pliable and intact (without tears, splits or cracks) are assumed to be ready for emergency use.  Please check with Indian Springs directly for further details.