990810 – Pressure Test Kit for Tychem Level “A” Suits

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Weight: 25 lbs
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Product Details

Universal Pressure Test Kit is designed for testing DuPont™ Tychem® Level A ensembles according to ASTM F 1052, Standard Test Method for Pressure Testing Vapor Protective Ensembles, or the method described in 29CFR1910.120, Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) and EN 464, Determination of Leak-tightness of Gas-tight Suits. Delivery: 4-6 wks. The kit can be used with other Level A garments fitted with Pirelli or Auer exhaust valves. The Universal Pressure Test Kit is contained in a black suitcase. Inside the suitcase you will find:
  • Self-contained blower unit
  • Pressure gauge (Magnehelic) calibrated to 8 inch water gauge pressure
  • Timer
  • Four metal bayonet-style connectors: two marked with the letter “A” for Auer, and two marked with the letter “P” for Pirelli
  • Two black rubber caps
  • A large diameter corrugated hose
  • A small diameter, clear plastic hose
  • Power cord
  • Standard testing device