Customer Scenario: Domestic AHF supplier requested an emergency capping kit to contain leaks on their AHF tank cars at the 2” product valves and for the pressure relief device. The unique condition was that the kit had to be able to contain a leak on a valve or PRD while the tank car was attached to their loading/unloading lines. The customer requested a test pressure of 150 psi. The kit was to address leaks at the valve and the pressure relief device.

Solution: The kit design necessitated a square base hood to contain the 2” product valves in place of the typical round product valve hoods for 1” valves. The hood also fit over the PRD as well. The yoke assembly required a double hook design to straddle a transfer hose that may be in place and used hook spacers to ensure the assembly remained true under tension. The yoke assembly contained storage clips to store the spacer tools to eliminate carrying additional parts up onto the tank car. Prototype design was delivered and tested at the customer location on an actual tank car, performing effectively.