Customer Scenario: Asian-Pacific chlorine supplier requested a solution for a very unique ton container that did not allow for the isolation of an individual valve due to the triangular flanges arranged on the face of the ton container. The customer requested a test pressure of 300psi. The kit was to address valve and sidewall leaks.

Solution: Due to the unique design of the valve arrangement, a totally custom solution was required. Being required to contain both container valves simultaneously, necessitated two unique design answers: 1. A very large hood and gasket design to contain both valves under extensive torque, and 2. Ability to connect from within the hood to the operating valve in order to safely unload the container after containment. The large hood and increased surface area required a very strong yoke assembly to safely provide the necessary torque to hold the hood under pressure. The hood uses an innovative square gasket design and gasket channel to affect a successful seal. The hood also includes a chlorine compatible transfer hose internally that allows for connecting to the operating valve, allowing for access to the container contents through an outlet valve on the outside of the hood. The yoke assembly implemented our patented clamping technology that actually strengthens its grip on the container wall as tension is applied. The customer was supplied with 3D illustrations and finite element analysis (FEA) to facilitate a final design. A prototype was tested and sent to the customer for additional testing, feedback and final customer approval. Production and delivery was accomplished well within customer requirements.