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Chlorine Institute Emergency Kit-B (2014) and Ton Containers

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The Chlorine Institute Emergency Kit-B was redesigned in 2014 to improve the performance and reliability of the kit devices when used with the standard DOT 106A500X container in chlorine service. The new design has been very well received with responders and end users, but what containers will the Kit actually fit? What containers are out there?

DOT 106A500X

The emergency Kit-B was designed originally to fit the standard chlorine one ton container, DOT 106A500X. This container makes up the majority of one ton containers in chlorine service in the US and is very common internationally. This is a forge welded container that had been in service for decades and has changed very little over the years.

The ton container is approximately 82” lg. and 30” in diameter with concave ends. One alternate design feature that may be found with this container is a raised area or “ridge” that is located between the two valves. Kit-B has a specialized gasket, part# 12MV, in the kit for this type of 106A500X container. Containers without the ridge may use the standard 4-12BMV or 12BBV gaskets.

The Kit-B 2014 design, Bar Assembly 28C, works ideally with these containers to address leaks not only at the valves, but at the fusible plugs as well with hood 14A.

DOT 106A500W

The 500W ton container is nearly physically identical to the 500X other than that the concave ends are fusion welded instead of forge welded. This process leaves a “step” inside the chime where the ton face and side wall meet inside the chime. This ton is manufactured in the US under a special DOT permit. A similar designed ton is manufactured outside the US as well, but does not have a step inside the chime. This foreign manufactured container is very common internationally.

Kit-B is currently manufactured to fit these containers as well. The kit bar assembly, Device 28 & 14, will work to contain leaks on the valves and fuse plugs just as with the standard US DOT 106A500X containers.

Metric DOT 106A500X/106A500W

Metric versions of the 106 container are also available, found almost exclusively internationally. The 106A500X is manufactured in the US in a metric version for export and the 500W is also manufactured overseas in a metric version for international use. These containers are very similar to the US standards and the standard Kit-B will work on both versions.

Military and DOT Special Permit Tanks

There are a variety of chlorine ton containers in service that are very similar to the standard 106 containers, but may vary slightly in diameter, placement of fuse plugs and valves, etc. Containers that were originally manufactured for the military, containers that are very old from now defunct manufacturers and containers originally used for chemicals other than chlorine can also be found in chlorine service. These containers most likely are used under a DOT Special Permit and are typically compatible with Kit-B. However, some of these containers have required minor alterations to the Kit-B to fit correctly. Please check with your chlorine supplier concerning kit compatibility if using one of these tanks.

DOT 110A500W

The DOT 110 container is a similar sized ton container as the 106 but with convex heads instead of concave. The 110 is used for a variety of chemicals such as refrigerants and fire-extinguishing gases. Caution should always be used when attempting to use the Kit-B on any container other than the 106A500X or for any chemical other than chlorine. Convex head ton containers similar to the 110 are used in chlorine service, internationally as well. Kit-B, Device 28C, will fit these containers for valve leaks, but the device will not work for use on the fusible plugs. Fusible plug leaks may be contained with Device 4 from the pre-2014 Kit-B, depending on their configuration and installation.  

European, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, etc.

There are also many other ton container designs manufactured and used internationally. Containers from China, Japan, Spain, Poland and India (to name a few) can be encountered internationally. Unfortunately, Kit-B was not designed to fit all of these containers, specifically. Kit-B is not a “fit-all” or universal ton container emergency kit. For containers that Kit-B does not address, a custom manufactured emergency kit can be designed. Detailed container drawings and specifications are required for attempting to design such custom kits.

The Chlorine Institute Emergency Kit-B is designed for ultimate performance in containing leaks at the valve, fuse plug and in the side wall of the standard US DOT 106A500X container in chlorine service. However, chlorine is shipped in a variety of containers which Kit-B may or may not fit. Caution should always be used when attempting to apply Kit-B on a chlorine container other than the standard 106A500X. Always check with your chlorine supplier or with Indian Springs Mfg., prior to use, when concerning the appropriate application of Kit-B. Note, this short outline is not meant to be a list all possible chlorine ton container designs but rather a brief to raise the awareness of the use of Kit-B with the container varieties that might be encountered.

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